Moroccan Geometric Patterns: From Crafting Shapes to Shaping Imagination

2-Day Workshop (September 11 + September 18)

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Hamza El Fasiki
Artisan and Instructor
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About This Event

We will begin with a mini lecture/discussion on Moroccan traditional crafts plus an introduction to Moroccan geometric patterns and shapes. In the course of 2 days using a divider, compass, pencil, ruler and paper, we will draw 5 geometric patterns from 5 separate historical monuments from Fes Medina including Mosques, Madrasas, Fountains, Zawiyas and private Riads and Palaces. Each of the proposed patterns have a name, a story, a history and most importantly a symbolic meaning with Moroccan traditions. Participants will come out with an understanding of Islamic Morocco and its arts.

September 11, 2021
9:00 am
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