Tunisian Crochet

Day 3 of 3

Everett Wong
Knitwear Designer
About This Event

Exploring colour, texture and scale, participants will learn to combine the techniques of Tunisian crochet and basic hand weaving to achieve an inlayed and highly textured textile. Participants must possess basic knit and crochet skills to understand the method of Tunisian crochet and have basic knowledge of hand weaving for the inlaying of material of the Tunisian crochet base. Participants will use bulky weight yarn for the crochet base and reclaimed textiles and fur for the inlay process. Participants will leave with a sample or two of their own to use as reference for their own practice.

Day 1 - Crash Course, Day 2+3 - Sample Making

October 4, 2020
9:30 am
Venue TBD
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