Underwater Ocean Scene

Day 2 of 2

Molly White
Embroidery Artist
About This Event

Participants will complete a hand stitched 5” x 5” square or 5” circular encrusted embroidery with embellishments from the beach to create an underwater ocean scene. Participants should have a basic knowledge of embroidery stitching.The first day will be an introduction to laying down foundation stitches and objects. During the second day, participants will continue adding various stitches, cover objects and natural treasures found on local beaches to embellish their underwater ocean scene. A variety of treads of different weights are used in this project: pearl cotton, embroidery floss and silk as well as a number of different stitches will be explored such as french knots, thread weaving, bullion, etc. Added objects will consist of straws, rings and beads and embellished with glass, stones and wood will be explored. Each participant will gain knowledge of applying the traditional embroidery stitches worked by our grandmothers to decorate their homes, recontextualizing them in innovative uses to enhance their craft.

October 4, 2020
9:30 am
Venue TBD
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