Anita Singh


I was born in Guyana, South America with a Russian and Indian bloodline. Grew up in Montreal and Toronto where I studied graphic design and printmaking. Lived in British Columbia for 10 years, where I worked as a graphic designer and visual artist. In 1997 I lived in upstate New York for one year, where I did an internship in bookarts, papermaking and printmaking. I also lived in England for one year, where I did an apprenticeship in letterpress printing and various bindings techniques. I have travelled extensively through Canada and the USA. During a cross Canada trip in 1999, I discovered and fell in love with Newfoundland. I now Live with my husband and son in downtown St. John’s, where I work as a printmaker, encaustic painter, ceramic sculptor and art instructor.

I have had many creative influences, as a child my mother painted and created mixed media artworks and my father was a poet. I was first introduced as a pre-teenager to printmaking and pottery by my step grandfather, who was a professional artist. Printmaking was my first love as an artistic medium, I studied printmaking at the Ontario College of Arts and took many workshops, classes with various printmakers over the years. I continue to work with printmaking, using a variety of techniques layering them all together to create one of a kind prints. I teach printmaking techniques to all ages, regularly in the schools and through the Anna Templeton Center. I work with a variety of techniques; ceramic sculpting, Ink painting, printmaking encaustic painting and most recently crochet. The past few years, I have been creating larger printworks, encaustic paintings and sculptural installations.

I was first introduced to Encaustic painting in 2009, when teaching one of a two part workshop, where I taught printmaking possibilities that could then be applied to encaustic painting. I was able to participate in the second part of the workshop, which was focused on Encaustic Painting, offered through R&F paints with Laura Moriarty, Margaret Ryall and Carol Bajen Gahm in St. John’s and Torbay NL. I instantly fell in love with the possibilities of bees wax and it quickly became my main focus. I took workshops with Margaret Ryall and Carol Bajen Gahm at Tors Cove Studio and set up my own encaustic studio where I continue to experiment and work with beeswax. I have been able to merge my interests of printmaking by imbedding my paper prints, working in layers with clear wax, scratching imagery (like drypoint) into the hard wax and rubbing oil sticks into the scratch lines, creating patterns by pushing textured objects into soft wax. I paint with a mixture of wax, resin and oil paints and it can be quite challenging. I use a hotplate to keep the wax workable in order to use a brush while covering large and small detail areas. The wax is fused with a heat gun. This in itself is a tricky procedure – too musch heat can melt the wax and lose all the detail work that was just achieved! I integrate encaustic techniques into my mixed media work from rug hooks to crochet sculpture, ceramic to paper, always exploring and experimenting. I love the infinite and archival aspects, there are so many exciting possibilities when working with wax.