Elayne Greeley


I am a career development cheerleader who helps Career Development Practitioners do their work better through collaboration. I share information, connect practitioners and promote the work of our community partners.
Career Development + Collaboration.

Career development spans our lifetime. It begins with our first family responsibilities, builds as we engage in our communities, and if we plan it well, translates into meaningful engagement in the workforce. If we are blessed with a long and healthy life it can end with community contributions following retirement.

I want everyone to know not only how career development works, but what professionals they can reach out to for support. I share information and resources for all and promote the folks in the career and employment field.

As a collaborator, I’ve invested 25 years in building my partnership skills. I want folks to do MORE with the resources they have, help them do BETTER by partnering and work DIFFERENTLY to solve our complex community problems.

Elayne Greeley

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