Lisette Leblanc


Since childhood, I have always had a passion for various techniques of textile and fibre arts. In 2000, I developed a newfound passion for fine craft of bobbin lace making which has taken over my life ever since. As a keen self-learner, I started my practice by reading books, exchanging techniques with other lace makers and following specialized workshops in the region of Quebec. In 2015, I followed a three week intensive class at l’Hôtel de la Dentelle de Brioude in France under the supervision of seasoned and highly experienced lace maker Catherine Ferrand-Matsumoto, which pushed my practice to the next level. This year, I will be following other specialized trainings with renowned lace maker Michel Joude. The various trainings and 19 years of experience have allowed me to play and experiment with the medium, allowing me to create my own, individual style and process. I am delighted to share my skills with other kindred spirits on the coast of Newfoundland & Labrador in October 2020.